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Page 815 — There Is Only War

Any page where I get to use alternate-timeline screencaps is a fun page to work on.

Gilda: Seriously, though, once we're done character building, we should do some test fights. My group does 'em every campaign. That way, we figure out what doesn't work early!
DM: Doesn't that mean that you already know what the monsters are and how to counter them when the story gets rolling?
Gilda: Maybe, but when that happens, our DM always tweaks them to keep up with us!
DM: Sounds like your group is a constant one-upmanship contest.
Gilda: Yeah, you could put it like that. It keeps the game tense!
DM: I'm not so fond of that approach. I like my combat encounters to have an element of surprise to them… not have this ridiculous meta trailing behind it. Although… you might be on to something…
Gilda: That so?
DM: If everyone else is going to be character building… then I should do some monster building too! Mwahaha!
Rainbow Dash: Gee, thanks. Now you've done it.
Gilda: You are 100% welcome.
safe1583647 artist:newbiespud1320 edit119341 edited screencap57132 screencap205722 gilda9102 king sombra12774 maud pie11784 princess cadance30425 queen chrysalis32646 rainbow dash220576 alicorn198990 crystal pony4202 griffon24388 pony854247 comic:friendship is dragons1478 griffon the brush off699 the cutie re-mark3017 alternate hairstyle24745 alternate timeline2709 amputee4260 angry24334 apocalypse dash799 apocalypse maud105 artificial wings1355 augmented2144 cloud27687 comic101213 crystal war timeline1339 curved horn5893 dialogue59481 disguise4028 disguised changeling2306 eye scar4480 fake cadance681 female1179916 glowing eyes9967 helmet9621 horn47193 injured3114 laughing7217 looking up14212 male309152 mare425718 mind control2976 on a cloud1181 prosthetic limb2630 prosthetic wing705 prosthetics3024 raised hoof39297 scar10454 screencap comic4243 soldier1695 sombra soldier165 stallion94003 torn ear656 wings80744 worried3481


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