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The Sparkle family X The Berrytwist family
safe (1425346)artist:徐詩珮 (4661)edit (97650)fizzlepop berrytwist (5384)glitter drops (3289)night light (1720)princess cadance (28051)princess flurry heart (5508)shining armor (20047)spring rain (2745)tempest shadow (11092)twilight sparkle (259606)twilight velvet (3402)oc (523458)oc:aurora (tempest's mother) (15)oc:betty pop (758)oc:bubble sparkle (17)oc:eany sparkle (32)oc:fire shadow (38)oc:sparkle rain (24)oc:spring legrt (189)oc:storm lightning (291)oc:transparent (tempest's father) (8)oc:twilight star (7)oc:vesty sparkle (142)alicorn (162574)unicorn (202060)broken horn (9071)brother and sister (2769)cousins (462)crown (10664)family (3473)father and daughter (1870)father and son (642)female (756909)glitterlight (314)glittershadow (2816)grandfather and grandchild (60)grandmother and grandchild (142)grandparents (42)half-siblings (528)horn (25832)jewelry (38791)lesbian (81631)magical lesbian spawn (8416)male (256677)mare (333724)mother and daughter (4185)mother and son (2102)multiple parents (89)next generation (5368)nightvelvet (257)offspring (28698)older (18227)older flurry heart (606)parent:flash sentry (2194)parent:glitter drops (1017)parents:flashlight (1894)parents:glitterlight (10)parents:glittershadow (924)parent:spring rain (493)parents:sprglitemplight (17)parents:springdrops (256)parents:springlight (36)parents:springshadow (400)parents:springshadowdrops (124)parents:tempestlight (358)parents:tempgian (41)parent:stygian (70)parent:tempest shadow (1638)parent:twilight sparkle (6180)polyamory (3380)regalia (12163)shiningcadance (2165)shipping (164011)siblings (3694)sisters (5965)sparkle family (93)sprglitemplight (294)springdrops (1774)springlight (424)springshadow (2404)springshadowdrops (1692)straight (109137)tempestlight (1251)twilight's castle (2810)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (101529)

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