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safe1586333 artist:magnaluna993 princess celestia89801 princess luna94220 twilight sparkle283762 alicorn199542 pony856528 alternate hairstyle24811 chest fluff32988 clothes414621 crown14552 cute181216 ear fluff24190 eye contact6123 female1192968 flower22766 flower in hair6735 height difference521 jewelry53074 looking at each other17070 mare426868 peytral2772 ponies riding ponies2051 profile5568 regalia16949 royal sisters3964 scrunchy face6771 smiling218141 socks57649 stare1293 striped socks19457 trio7459 trio female1061 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116200 unshorn fetlocks21806


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Background Pony #178E

i think its more likely that theyre just smol, and the square-cube law allows them to have bones of a similar density to irl equines. this could also explain how theyre able to jump proportionally higher and survive falling from ridiculous heights
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Your real life Luna.
I just love how tiny Luna is compared to her sis because it’s relatable, the end.
I actually made a drawing that takes place in the feature, 3 years ago? And I made all the other alicorns taller than Luna, flurry is like a beast, she’s huge. XD
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