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safe (1413249)artist:magnaluna (879)princess celestia (82794)princess luna (87264)twilight sparkle (257499)alicorn (159889)alternate hairstyle (20870)chest fluff (25221)clothes (350551)crown (10378)cute (145354)ear fluff (17352)eye contact (5615)female (746624)flower (18076)flower in hair (5226)height difference (448)jewelry (37916)looking at each other (12243)mare (327622)peytral (1568)ponies riding ponies (1884)pony (677869)profile (4066)regalia (11802)royal sisters (3165)scrunchy face (6261)smiling (180276)socks (48433)stare (1175)striped socks (16415)trio (5864)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (100286)unshorn fetlocks (18345)


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Background Pony #9C5F

i think its more likely that theyre just smol, and the square-cube law allows them to have bones of a similar density to irl equines. this could also explain how theyre able to jump proportionally higher and survive falling from ridiculous heights
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Your real life Luna.
I just love how tiny Luna is compared to her sis because it’s relatable, the end.
I actually made a drawing that takes place in the feature, 3 years ago? And I made all the other alicorns taller than Luna, flurry is like a beast, she’s huge. XD
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