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suggestive (112897)artist:johnjoseco (4223)edit (97834)edited screencap (44185)screencap (174220)applejack (147573)fluttershy (183866)pinkie pie (188775)rainbow dash (203592)rarity (157360)sci-twi (18759)sunset shimmer (50576)twilight sparkle (259987)human (130577)equestria girls (159391)equestria girls series (23736)holidays unwrapped (506)spoiler:eqg series (season 2) (8378)breasts (203125)businessmare (132)business suit (277)busty applejack (6610)busty fluttershy (12911)busty rarity (9416)cleavage (27273)clothes (354985)female (758272)fire ruby (626)gem (4198)humane five (2152)humane seven (1689)humane six (2065)mane six (26385)money (1066)photo (66406)reservoir dogs (8)ruby (280)suit (4295)sunglasses (11467)winter outfit (874)


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As always, Pinkie is the only one to survive, Rarity ends up shooting Sunset, who was a cop the whole time, AJ’s a psychopath, and Rainbow and Fluttershy are killed before they get to the warehouse.
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