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• Comet Tail x Twilight Sparkle

• Cheese Sandwich x Pinkie Pie

• Discord x Fluttershy

•Dumb-bell x Rainbow Dash

•Apple Jack x Rarity
safe (1486839) artist:xsugarxwolfiex (16) applejack (152548) cheese sandwich (3431) comet tail (813) discord (27593) dumbbell (578) fluttershy (190004) pinkie pie (194894) rainbow dash (209884) rarity (162488) twilight sparkle (269702) alicorn (175874) draconequus (7261) earth pony (167401) pegasus (207575) pony (765313) unicorn (227364) cheesepie (1078) cometlight (294) cute (160047) diacheeses (55) discoshy (2402) discute (510) dumbdash (134) female (811392) glasses (49829) lesbian (86201) male (276373) mare (366603) rarijack (6285) shipping (172008) shyabetes (10279) simple background (310369) stallion (80596) straight (113860) transparent background (161874) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (107402)


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10 comments posted
Background Pony #2EC6
@Background Pony #261D
You just say it because you don't want to admit. They don't support anything you want. Once the IDW comics start exploring the ending friendship, that is the reason I will come back very clear. You just assume it. that's why they disagree with you.
Background Pony #34BA
@Background Pony #E376
Its pointless. Anyone can see this. She woudn't live with him for platonic reasons. Once the IDW comics start exploring the ending in their stories, it will become more clear. But for now 99% of the fandom should already see it as canonbased on all the past hints and how they ended up.
Background Pony #2EC6
@Background Pony #261D
you don't know about that. If you say it's true then because I didn't see a true romance in the spoilers I only saw friendship. Discorshy is really not a canon, I saw you say ''if they don't confirm it's a canon, I'm still assuming ''. any person just assume they are
Background Pony #34BA
two of these ships were confirmed while the rest could technically happen but we will never know