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Background Pony #1C50
Imagine if the show went on forever. There was a whole new 10 seasons of Twi’s student and her adventures, and then Luster became the ruler of Equestria. Then Luster’s student gets 10 seaons, and it goes on forever. Lol.
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Background Pony #F157
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Background Pony #1C50
I still hate this. I wish she had gotten more of a Luna body model (or a little taller, and with a slightly longer horn) than a Celestia one. Celestia model just looks off. Like a fanmade animation.
The hair also looks garbage. I like the flowy look but not that long.
Background Pony #34CA
Please tell me there’s an epilogue to "The Last Problem" titled "The Final Solution." Just to get back at the Dutch for leaking this.
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