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Just a little thought experiment. What if the world of Equestria Girls was set in the 1980s? Who would the members of the Rainbooms have been listening to? This is by no means a complete and exhaustive list. I just surrounded each Rainboom with eight albums that would be representative of the kind of music I felt they would have been influenced by. If you don’t recognize the album covers, I’ve listed them below. I’d love to hear your thoughts on them, and who you think they might have listened to.

Applejack (cowpunk)
Johnny Cash — At Folsom Prison
The Byrds — Sweetheart of the Rodeo
The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band — Will the Circle Be Unbroken
Waylon Jennings — Lonesome, On’ry & Mean
X — Los Angeles
Rockpile — Seconds of Pleasure
Stray Cats — Stray Cats
The Blasters — The Blasters

Fluttershy (goth)
The Velvet Underground and Nico — The Velvet Underground & Nico
Alice Cooper — Love It to Death
Nick Drake — Pink Moon
The Cure — Boys Don’t Cry
Siouxsie and the Banshees — Join Hands
Joy Division — Unknown Pleasures
Bauhaus — In the Flat Field
Toyah — The Blue Meaning

Pinkie Pie (party)
Frank Zappa — Apostrophe (‘)
Cheap Trick — Cheap Trick
Devo — Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!
The B-52’s — The B-52’s
The Go-Go’s — Beauty and the Beat
The Tubes — The Completion Backwards Principle
Madness — One Step Beyond…
The Jam — In the City

Rainbow Dash (punk)
Iggy and the Stooges — Raw Power
Ramones — Ramones
Sex Pistols — Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols
The Clash — The Clash
The Runaways — The Runaways
X-Ray Spex — Germfree Adolescents
Poison Girls — Hex
The Slits — Cut

Rarity (fashion and style)
New York Dolls — New York Dolls
David Bowie — Aladdin Sane
Blondie — Parallel Lines
Duran Duran — Duran Duran
A Flock Of Seagulls — A Flock Of Seagulls
Culture Club — Kissing to be Clever
Joe Jackson — Night and Day
Roxy Music — Avalon

Sunset Shimmer (power pop)
Big Star — #1 Record
The Modern Lovers — The Modern Lovers
Television — Marquee Moon
Elvis Costello and the Attraction — My Aim is True
Squeeze — Argybargy
XTC — English Settlement
R.E.M. — Murmur
The Replacements — Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash

Twilight Sparkle (electronic)
Wendy Carlos — Switched-On Bach
Kraftwerk — Autobahn
Tubeway Army — Tubeway Army
Yellow Magic Orchestra — Yellow Magic Orchestra
The Alan Parsons Project — I Robot
Cabaret Voltaire — Red Mecca
Be-Bop Deluxe — Drastic Plastic
Ultravox — Vienna
suggestive139725 alternate version43011 artist:racoonsan541 edit129592 applejack167691 fluttershy209809 pinkie pie213571 rainbow dash230928 rarity179338 sci-twi23755 sunset shimmer61847 twilight sparkle296990 human151876 equestria girls196563 equestria girls series32270 forgotten friendship5257 too hot to handle147 a flock of seagulls4 abs10815 album cover1397 alice cooper13 anime5276 applejack's hat6835 arm behind head6096 armpits42593 barrette390 baseball cap2026 bauhaus2 be-bop deluxe1 beach14437 beach babe663 beautiful5431 beautisexy738 belly button75685 big breasts79632 big star1 bikini17653 bikini babe695 black swimsuit224 blondie (band)2 blue swimsuit341 blushing192957 book32887 bow swimsuit73 bracelet9085 breasts270229 busty fluttershy16790 busty sunset shimmer5305 cabaret voltaire1 cap4252 cheap trick4 clothes449642 cloud29933 compilation544 converse5541 cowboy hat15207 culture club2 curvy6484 cute195668 cutie mark swimsuit149 dashabetes9007 david bowie112 delicious flat chest5041 devo28 duran duran8 ear piercing25270 earring20430 elvis costello2 elvis costello and the attractions1 equestria girls outfit2405 eyeshadow15088 female1338321 fit412 frank zappa18 freckles27960 frilled swimsuit266 geode of empathy3006 geode of fauna1776 geode of shielding2156 geode of sugar bombs1969 geode of super speed2379 geode of super strength2096 geode of telekinesis2873 glasses60321 hairclip1059 hairpin1592 hand on hip5859 hat84545 human coloration5022 humane five3263 humane seven2439 humane six3102 humanized98832 iggy and the stooges1 jeweled swimsuit101 jewelry61002 joe jackson1 johnny cash29 joy division7 kraftwerk10 looking at you163536 madness72 magical geodes8670 makeup20713 midriff19053 nail polish7553 necklace18068 nick drake1 ocean6136 one-piece swimsuit4299 open mouth140449 peace sign2810 piercing39804 pink swimsuit228 poison girls1 ponk1020 ponytail17370 praise the sunset32 r.e.m.8 rainbow flat1067 ramones10 rockpile1 roxy music1 sand2245 sarong973 sex pistols16 sexy28501 shaved ice19 shoes35205 shorts13610 siouxsie and the banshees1 sitting61548 skintight clothes770 sky13603 smiling240938 snowcone39 solo1045244 sports3463 squeeze (band)1 standing11747 stray cats1 striped swimsuit224 stupid sexy applejack663 stupid sexy fluttershy1044 stupid sexy pinkie721 stupid sexy rainbow dash2523 stupid sexy rarity1199 stupid sexy sunset shimmer862 stupid sexy twilight928 summer sunset223 sun hat900 sunset selfie57 surfboard729 swimsuit27557 television (band)1 text58222 the alan parsons project7 the b-52's1 the blasters1 the byrds3 the cure7 the go-go's1 the jam3 the new york dolls1 the nitty gritty dirt band1 the rainbooms305 the replacements1 the runaways3 the slits1 the tubes1 the velvet underground & nico9 thighs12613 toyah1 tricolor swimsuit117 tubeway army1 ultravox1 volleyball531 wall of tags2916 water12773 waylon jennings2 wendy carlos1 wet7855 wetsuit744 x (band)1 x-ray spex1 xtc2 yellow magic orchestra1


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Background Pony #575C
that is where is they influenced also Stargazer and Gates of Babuylon seems pretty hard rock to me even aggresive a bit
Background Pony #575C
how about more Insdustrial on Sunset like Die Krupps for example and also And One some electronic Rammstein Dance Metal or hard rock like Scorpions and also OOMPH and Eisbrecher for Neue Deutche Harte genres even KMFDM
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Busy procrastinating
Why do I not know any of these songs??

Because they aren't songs but albums?

Because every one of them was released before 1990? (Seriously, there are many bronies who barely know that there was any kind of music in the 20th century.)

Enjoy me. Won’t you?
Thanks for the thoughtful analysis. I thought, if they’re all going to be in a band together, then there needs to be common musical thread that binds them together, and that would have to be punk. For AJ, it’s obvious she’s a C&W girl, but rockabilly provides that bridge between country and punk. And honestly, X is as much a country band as they are a punk band. (Have you listened to John Doe and the Sadies, by the way? Terrific country music.) I didn’t list The Rolling Stones or The Who or even the Beatles because to be honest, except for Sunset, they all would have grown up with and been influenced by them.

Pinkie would probably like Tom Lehrer; maybe even The Bonzo Dogs, if she had heard of them. The Waitresses, perhaps?

Rarity is really hard to gauge, but I think her interests would be focussed on being up-to-the-minute. She is fashionable, after all. Bowie never goes out of fashion, though, so that's alright.

I expect you've got Twi right!

Sunset would like the Bangles. Maybe Fleetwood Mac (Peter Green as well as Stevie Nicks versions). I can see her being more eclectic than the others, totally oblivious to genre and era, because it's not her culture. Everything is equally new and strange to her, so she'll just pick what she likes the sound of.

Some good stuff here! A fun thought experiment.

Presumably if they were from the 80s, they'd be American too. So that's a factor.

Judging from "Friendship Through the Ages", RD is influenced by "British Invasion" rock — the Who and the Stones — even in the main continuity, and I don't see why that would change.

I feel like AJ's interests would be a lot less punky, and much more straight country and soul. She wouldn't find a lot to like in the 80s and would listen to her late parents' collection of LPs which Granny, of course, never got rid of, even though she personally couldn't abide the racket! She would like an album or two by Dylan and Neil Young — probably Heart of Gold and Nashville Skyline — but not the rest of them. She might enjoy the first two albums by the Band. I bet she'd LOVE Motown. Maybe even gospel by, e.g., the Staple Singers.