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For the sensitive souls, who prefer spotless soles.

Dirty, canon version:

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Background Pony #ECCF
I headcanon that Thorax playfully teases his “big” brother about how “small and cute” his feet are, since he’s aware of how shorter Pharynx always been, even after his transformation.

So Pharynx occasionally has to deal with Thorax either ticking his older brother’s feet or playing “This Little Piggy” with his brother’s “cute little toes.”
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@Background Pony #E4B9
Yeah actually you’re right on that, Pharynx feets should be a bit smaller in comparison. Didn’t notice that they’re so close in size if you take in account their poses. However, the important thing is that Thorax’ are longer and stretching confidently while his brother’s more plum and wide soles coil shyly, trying to hide behind each other.

@Dusty The Raven
Best bugbois, soft and cute.

Butt they’re already pretty clean!
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Background Pony #ECCF
I’m surprised that Pharynx’s feet are almost the same size as Thorax’s. Since he’s shorter than his own little brother, I’d expect his to be slightly smaller.

It would certainly get Thorax wanting to tease, tickle, and pamper his brother’s feet more often…
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