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Background Pony #FBE1
Copper Top: Not to forget she a Princess on top of all this!
Caramel: I wonder if Princess Celestia Know she do this?
Masked Matter-horn: Oh she know, she the one who train the Power ponies in the First place, what? you belive become we got super power we are hero’s or Villien’s from the start?
Caramel: Well Yes and we..(he a no time finish)
Masked Matter-horn: WRONG! Is take a lot of training for use those power safely, well mostly Saddle Rager, If she a never learn to control her power, she be rage all time and destroy everything in her way befor she calm dowm or Zapp, You thinks is Easy for her to control the power of lighing in this amulet? If think is yes well is WRONG! She be train a lot, Fili-second, You think she controled her power as easy only by ruining? Wrong again, she a mostly kill her self with power, befor to run as the speed she run now, she a learn first to control the energy of her power, Mistress Marevelous, You think she master rod of true like toy or toss her Goldind horseshoe like boom rangen? No! and for me, You think is be easy to master the art of magic if i not mastered my Ice magic? NO! I mostly Kill my own family were i lose control were i be still a filly, but Thanks She stop all this and take me on her wing and teach all i need to become the Princess and the Hero i..No We are, and not Forget humdrum who train every day to become a great hero!
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