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safe1584097 artist:candyclumsy542 oc607419 oc:candy clumsy78 oc:king speedy hooves247 oc:queen galaxia259 oc:tommy the human396 alicorn199087 earth pony205029 pegasus246453 pony854608 unicorn272954 comic:attempt on an alicorn29 alicorn oc22641 canterlot5172 comic101221 commissioner:bigonionbean1517 dialogue59498 embracing17 family4020 father and son785 female1181444 fusion4535 fusion:king speedy hooves248 fusion:queen galaxia213 herd130 husband and wife1242 levitation10699 love4454 magic66438 male323363 mother and son2616 protective pose7 royal guard7011 sketch57684 sleepy1475 telekinesis24792 worried3483 writer:bigonionbean1259


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