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After weeks and weeks of work, this one is finally finished! I wanted to make something special in celebration for the upcoming 2K follower milestone on twitter, but seeing this finished I couldn’t wait to show it for you guys! I hope you all like it!
suggestive165471 artist:longinius881 princess celestia102452 alicorn261251 anthro300718 adorasexy11039 alternate hairstyle32125 big breasts99950 bra18381 braided tail1441 breasts324870 bridal lingerie101 bride402 busty princess celestia11713 choker16061 chubby14782 chubbylestia988 cleavage39295 clothes534416 crying48623 cute225943 cutelestia3892 ear piercing33410 earring25761 evening gloves9445 female1539378 frilly underwear4643 gloves23902 hand on chest511 huge breasts46291 jewelry84326 lace1019 lingerie11892 long gloves7282 looking at you204188 monochrome160217 necklace24370 panties55596 pearl necklace1788 piercing50470 plump7787 praise the sun2206 pudgy170 ribbon7970 ring4726 rose petals264 sexy35465 sitting74483 socks77673 solo1213142 solo female199863 spread wings69293 stupid sexy celestia1828 tears of joy2917 teary eyes5290 thigh highs45426 thighs19865 tiara5071 underwear68090 wedding ring956 wide hips22398 wings159186


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