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Lotus on his last tick of health.
Gun depicted is an FG 42, early model.
semi-grimdark28269 artist:lucky dragon36 oc626458 oc only417939 oc:lotus44 bat pony44914 pony882301 fallout equestria15802 angry24986 armor22319 bat pony oc15019 bat wings7496 black and white12147 blood23058 bullet hole210 dexterous hooves585 fanfic10242 fanfic art13427 fangs22795 grayscale35875 gun15055 hooves16866 injured3171 male343508 monochrome144742 open mouth129745 pipbuck3327 solo1002741 spread wings49608 stallion97724 traditional art111141 weapon28404 wings87500


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