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Basically asked her to make EG versions of their royal outfits based on this pic >>1892697
safe (1448884)artist:darbypop1 (162)princess flurry heart (5621)oc (534596)oc:melody aurora (73)oc:mistral violet (29)oc:orion galaxy (22)oc:paladin knight (6)equestria girls (162532)adult (2029)base used (11054)brother and sister (2874)cousins (482)equestria girls-ified (7411)family bonding (9)female (777620)male (263953)not prince blueblood (6)offspring (29257)older (19451)older flurry heart (644)parent:flash sentry (2232)parent:princess cadance (1186)parents:flashlight (1927)parent:shining armor (1047)parents:shiningcadance (729)parent:twilight sparkle (6336)royalty (867)siblings (4003)


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