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a dashu wit a hoodie cuz is very goodie ye~

is also a gift for a friend, you know who you are. hope u like c;
safe (1431154)artist:heavymetalbronyyeah (326)rainbow dash (204155)pegasus (188619)pony (699773)semi-anthro (9539)belly button (59767)blushing (154109)both cutie marks (8117)cheek fluff (3160)chest fluff (25840)clothes (356309)cute (148989)daaaaaaaaaaaw (2584)dashabetes (6685)ear fluff (17886)featureless crotch (5344)female (761769)floppy ears (41385)hnnng (2051)hoodie (10309)leg fluff (1760)mlem (592):p (5842)pink background (1676)sexy (18554)silly (6454)simple background (291359)socks (49206)solo (877323)spread wings (41128)standing (8253)striped socks (16646)stupid sexy rainbow dash (1061)thighs (4656)tongue out (75942)wide hips (11751)wing fluff (1246)wings (53295)


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