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suggestive190449 artist:symm713 princess cadance39990 anthro358945 g42025946 3d122372 ass81256 big breasts125434 bra21735 breasts390154 busty princess cadance4451 butt230721 clothes633019 coffee mug1969 female1799279 high res407614 huge breasts58125 huge butt16538 large butt33425 looking at you258574 looking back86329 looking back at you29435 lovebutt1974 milf13289 mug6296 solo1423573 solo female234102 source filmmaker67716 the ass was fat21034 underwear78673


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#1 Rarijack Enthusiast
I think it’s better this way! Wallpaper dimensions will always look better than phone dimensions.
Plus, if just the camera was rotated and not the dimensions, then it would just be Cadance in the middle with a bunch of empty space on the sides.