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I admit that I am not such a fan of these couples, but I think it is time to give these couples the love they deserve.

Pinkie Pie x Thunderbass
Twilight Sparkle (Sci-Twi) x Timber Spruce
Sunset Shimmer x Flash Sentry
Applejack x Dirk Thistleweed
Rarity x Ragamuffin
Rainbow Dash x Zephyr Breeze
Fluttershy x Sandalwood

safe (1431444)artist:themexicanpunisher (625)applejack (148093)dirk thistleweed (89)flash sentry (10960)fluttershy (184427)pinkie pie (189308)ragamuffin (equestria girls) (215)rainbow dash (204200)rarity (157876)sandalwood (924)sci-twi (18851)sunset shimmer (50770)thunderbass (665)timber spruce (1659)twilight sparkle (260991)zephyr breeze (1795)accountibilibuddies (143)eqg summertime shorts (2547)equestria girls (160044)equestria girls (movie) (5998)equestria girls series (23958)how to backstage (95)inclement leather (78)legend of everfree (7047)overpowered (equestria girls) (277)pet project (227)rainbow rocks (16834)spring breakdown (1956)twilight under the stars (187)spoiler:choose your own ending (season 2) (1142)spoiler:eqg series (season 2) (8535)accountibilibuddies: rainbow dash (49)appledirk (19)arguments on the comments (19)cake (7948)camp everfree logo (254)camp everfree outfits (1380)checklist in the comments (1)clothes (356430)comments locked down (76)crack shipping (3197)derail in the comments (237)discussion in the comments (644)female (762050)flashimmer (1457)food (51264)geode of sugar bombs (1276)geode of super speed (1542)geode of super strength (1444)graveyard of comments (67)magical geodes (5519)male (258683)pinkiebass (56)ponytail (13204)rarimuffin (72)sandalshy (107)shipping (164800)shipping domino (435)shipping war in the comments (66)straight (109713)timbertwi (345)zephdash (181)


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136 comments posted
Background Pony #27B2
i was just worried i’m not an everybody,
i mean, you put the needs of others out of your own
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Background Pony #D4E9
@Background Pony #27B2
I was wrong to write on the keyboard, I was going to write `` everybody have to respect the differences and it’s made to play and enjoy. ’’ but you are absolutely right as my other friend. calm down.
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Background Pony #27B2
you mean, i was right all along about the flashimmer and timbertwi couples? i just have to respect the differences of what i see for real and what i see in my mind?
you have a good attitude by the way Background Pony #D4E9
that is such wonderful advise, thank you
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Background Pony #D4E9
@Background Pony #27B2
yes. there are people who don’t think the same thing and fight each other for something they don’t like and want force they love the same thing but always trouble for a cartoon. Timber and her are together and flash with sunset shimmer I know they are as friends but they could be together. You have to respect the differences and it’s made to play and enjoy.
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Comments136 comments posted