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safe (1426170)artist:ptitemouette (393)oc (523829)oc:apple diamond (24)oc:apple tango (13)oc:big shield (13)oc:pepper candy (15)oc:pomme de pin (22)oc:tarte aux pommes (12)oc:tutu (25)pony (694243)brother and sister (2772)cousins (462)female (757875)magical gay spawn (664)magical lesbian spawn (8421)male (257132)offspring (28706)parent:apple bloom (547)parent:applejack (2739)parent:babs seed (98)parent:big macintosh (2119)parent:braeburn (254)parent:rarity (3021)parents:babstwist (47)parent:shining armor (1022)parent:soarin' (1913)parents:rarijack (299)parents:shiningmac (18)parents:soarburn (42)parents:tenderbloom (142)parent:tender taps (152)parent:twist (115)siblings (3703)sisters (5970)


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