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Megalomaniacal toaster
@Background Pony #6615
It makes sense if you consider Derpy as Donna Noble, who wasn't attracted to the Doctor and they still got along like a house on fire

Roseluck is Rose Tyler
Minuet/Colgate is Romana, hence why she's also got an hourglass cutie mark

Or Martha, if you want to keep the letters of their names consistent
(Wait, would that then also make Clara Colgate? Given how she helped every Doctor in some way, shape, or form…)

Fun to think about, a right headache to puzzle out
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Background Pony #02CE
Remember kids:
Females hugging > ship destroyed
Male and female hugging > relationship, even if it's just familial
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Background Pony #7271
Aw,my heart and headcanon broke a little.At least,the Derpster and him are still friends
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