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Another lovely body swap design. Vera got the clown pony attitude and Princess Foxy Vera Lola with his dress!
safe1556710 vera144 anthro226217 earth pony190917 fox1111 pony827840 1000 hours in ms paint4789 abstract background11534 afro603 anthro with ponies2150 best friends598 clothes401688 clown hair16 clown nose259 clown pony10 crossdressing8507 crossover56437 dress39028 five nights at freddy's1497 foxy221 foxy vera2 gloves16826 ponytail15257 princess crown8 princess dress201 princess foxy vera lola1 prototype lola loud's outfit3 sash239 sonic the hedgehog (series)6989 sonicified479 spa pony222 text49902 vera the clown pony1 waving2461


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