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Here she is! Pre-orders will be open until July 3rd! $70 for pick-up at BronyCon or $80 to be shipped. She’ll be 50x140cm on peachskin fabric, though you can have the fabric quality upgraded for a small fee!
A NSFW version is also available. DM me if interested!

Commission Status:CLOSED|Commission Info | Tumblr | Picarto

safe2198415 alternate version88596 artist:mulberrytarthorse429 autumn blaze5497 kirin15519 pony1628862 semi-anthro23007 g42054304 anatomically incorrect5558 arm hooves17340 awwtumn blaze986 blazebutt160 body pillow4785 butt236025 cute269254 female1830013 flower40390 foal's breath58 heart78583 heart eyes30615 human shoulders2042 incorrect leg anatomy2205 misleading thumbnail1365 one eye closed46637 plot147312 wingding eyes41717 wink33436


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Just bought this at bronycon. It was an honor to meet the artist. Getting this was something I was looking forward to for a long time