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Drawn by HelixJack but uploaded to FA by Floofy-Skunk

"No real punny name this time, folks. Just an adorably Rainbow maned pony commenting on her latest masterpiece, a silly freckled farmer that's the size of a blimp! What's the paintbrush for, you ask?…you'll see soon enough." ~ Floofy-Skunk
safe (1488363) artist:helixjack (188) applejack (152627) rainbow dash (210117) earth pony (167892) pegasus (208354) pony (766744) appleblimp (33) blimp (346) blushing (162574) cloud (29768) inflation (7682) mouth hold (14148) one eye closed (22245) paint (1662) paintbrush (1359) question mark (3734) rope (9407) tether (109) this will end in explosions (309)


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