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Ah yes. This took quite a lot of time to complete. But hey! It is done and it was so much fun drawing all those faces!
Do you have your favorite one?
Love you all xoxo
safe (1430709)artist:lightisanasshole (67)oc (525902)oc:barpy (3)oc:bottom track (2)oc:delly (59)oc:dex (14)oc:dorm pony (21)oc:froster dune (4)oc:graceful motion (92)oc only (364522)oc:pawsie hooves (8)oc:wrench (6)earth pony (148675)pegasus (188468)pony (699307)unicorn (203866)bedroom eyes (44420)blue eyes (2940)blushing (154022)blushing profusely (1213)boop (6199)brown eyes (303)brown mane (342)clothes (356150)cuddling (7026)glasses (47066)green eyes (2706)group hug (664)group photo (625)group shot (325)happy (23894)hug (22665)levitation (8695)magic (57618)painting (2865)scarf (17488)silly (6453)silly face (342)simple background (291199)smiling (183494)telekinesis (20745)traditional art (96473)train (1887)unimpressed (402)watching (880)watercolor painting (2387)white background (72279)

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