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I really wanted to make them so here they are.

~I hope you like it

The Base:

MLP FiM base | Let's do this Girls|

Other Base by AngelLight-Bases Mlp by /Hasbro & /Lauren Faust——————
Speedpaint www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKRmrI…——————
safe1590024 artist:angellightyt65 mean applejack244 mean fluttershy215 mean pinkie pie188 mean rainbow dash174 mean rarity246 mean twilight sparkle689 alicorn198312 earth pony204335 pegasus245133 pony856961 unicorn271747 the mean 61570 bandana4800 base used16363 cape9143 clone2333 clone six59 clothes414645 cowboy hat13454 female934006 gameloft interpretation186 gloves17494 hat77594 hoof wraps111 mare421535 mean six66 messy mane7186 raised hoof39932 scarf21281 simple background350117 transparent background181328 vector71646


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