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Some more old ATG stuff! At this rate, the new ATG will be around before I finish uploading these, not that it would be the first time that happens. =P There isn’t much to say about this one, just Sunny not living up to her name for once. Looks like she found a way to beat the heat though!

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safe (1427335)artist:pirill (262)sunset shimmer (50588)pony (694988)unicorn (202629)atg 2018 (740)beach (11025)candy (4996)cooler (149)female (758553)food (50984)glowing horn (13563)horn (25946)ice (943)levitation (8664)magic (57401)newbie artist training grounds (4445)open mouth (103978)sand (1606)soda (1212)solo (874872)sunglasses (11471)telekinesis (20669)towel (2884)umbrella (2085)


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