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The moral of the story is, don't fuck with the Tree of Harmony!

safe1588809 edit119510 edited screencap57171 editor:jdmiles22 screencap203804 mean applejack244 mean fluttershy215 mean pinkie pie188 mean rainbow dash174 mean rarity246 tree of harmony647 alicorn198046 pony855973 the mean 61570 what lies beneath1474 clone2332 comic102321 crystal2381 cute180826 death5087 dying259 element of generosity724 element of honesty725 element of kindness787 element of laughter725 element of loyalty901 element of magic1928 evil rainbow dash87 female929664 implied twilight sparkle1659 mare421000 melting612 narrowed eyes777 nightmare cave168 nightmare fuel3508 nostalgia critic305 screencap comic4212 sparkles3856 treelight sparkle201 you know for kids435 you ruined everything47


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