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(Going to the con took more out of me than I expected, so have some simple answered asks for the moment while I get back in the groove of drawing!)

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safe (1396248)artist:jake heritagu (881)aria blaze (8430)oc (510485)oc:glittering graffiti (2)oc:smooth tone (8)oc:victory belle (9)comic:aria's archives (189)equestria girls (154682)baby (7421)clothes (344775)comic (86102)dialogue (47679)female (727452)hoodie (9920)male (247645)offspring (27866)parent:adagio dazzle (127)parent:aria blaze (91)simple background (282456)speech bubble (15880)teething ring (8)vulgar (17717)white background (69697)


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Background Pony #E683
Huh. Well, Smooth did know she was effectively immortal, so meeting his own baby sister 50 years later would have not been unexpected.
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