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Artist’s comment:
My take on an older, slightly Rarity inspired Applejack.
For the record, when I say older I mean AJ being more her in her 30s or early 40s (the mane six are said to be in their 20s). Sorry if that didn’t come across well in the pic.
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safe2174829 artist:joeywaggoner470 applejack200525 earth pony446521 pony1602927 g42029348 applejack's hat14451 chest fluff65597 clothes634679 cowboy hat25737 eye clipping through hair14710 eyeshadow30118 female1803191 flower39503 flower in hair12596 freckles43914 hat124273 implied lesbian4747 implied rarijack553 implied shipping7142 lipstick16722 long mane7294 long tail5523 makeup40400 mare741334 older39985 red eyeshadow102 red lipstick618 solo1426429 stockings48534 thigh highs59644


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