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Wanted to draw some cute pics of me interacting with Pinkie due to feeling a bit down as of late so this happened.

This year didn’t get off to such a hot start for me: It started off with bullying at my old job which lead me to quit it and get a new even worse one, and on top of all that, I put myself out there for a girl who didn’t even want to return friendship.  I’ve been doing better lately but still feel a bit unsure at times.  In such times, the best thing for me is to think of an image like this.

Pinkie was one of the things that got me into the show back in 2011 and is still my fav of the Mane Six so even though she’s not real, images like this still keep me going.  If she were real, she and I would be pals till the end! 

I have a few more pics like this coming up!

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Alex the Chubby Pony © Me
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