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Artist’s comment:
My first Twilight Sparkle vector from the 9th and final season of My Little Pony. Doesn’t she look so precious? Love Heart With a face like that, it would be impossible not to do what she asks of you. I know I wouldn’t. Heart
Do not fret. There’ll be more where that came from. ;) (Wink) Heart
Traced from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 9 Episode 1, “Beginning of the End Pt. 1.”
safe1918271 artist:andoanimalia1044 twilight sparkle326830 alicorn264232 pony1265956 the beginning of the end2320 absurd resolution70397 cute228256 faic13475 female1553814 grin49991 legs together1379 mare587703 pleading153 rubbing hooves78 simple background480391 smiling315151 solo1225102 transparent background239108 twiabetes13474 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135716 vector82745 wide eyes18480


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