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Emerald apologizes for getting Sensoria in trouble.

"I-it's okay. I didn't think that Sweetie would act that way…" Sensoria says sadly.

Emerald asks if there is any other way they could keep in contact. He is pretty sure that writing letters isn't going to stay private considering Sensoria needs someone to read them to her.

"There are spells that can send audible messages… They are all sort of advanced spells though. We can try to do those sometime, but I had a different spell in mind." The unicorn says.

Finishing the acquisition forms, Sweetie returns with a focus that she hands to Ruby. It's a wooden wand with two metal bands near the edge of one end, and she swings it around for a second before looking at everyone else and asking what to do next.

Sweetie goads them all towards an exit that leads to an open grass field where ponies are exercising or otherwise training on the various courses. Sensoria and Sweetie start walking towards some targets near one of the castle walls and the two foals follow. Sensoria then steps behind one of the targets and says,

"So, can you guess what kind of spell I'm going to teach you? I'll give you a hint… I'm blind, and yet I see!"


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