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proud mothers
Mane 6 got a cutie mark at the same time so this picture relates to it. Mothers are proud of them.

Mothers from left to right: Windy Whistles, Pear Butter, Cookie Crumbles, Twilight Velvet, Cloudy Quartz and Mrs. Shy
mane 6 filly’s: Rainbow Dash,Applejack,Rarity,Twilight Sparkle,Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy
characters owned by: Hasbro
base: richardinya.deviantart.com/art…
safe (1429031)artist:sakurabizen (12)applejack (147812)cloudy quartz (1058)cookie crumbles (764)fluttershy (184130)pear butter (2015)pinkie pie (189033)posey shy (839)rainbow dash (203914)rarity (157621)twilight sparkle (260443)twilight velvet (3418)windy whistles (1596)pony (697801)base used (10552)female (759848)filly (50506)filly applejack (332)filly fluttershy (441)filly mane six (1)filly pinkie pie (268)filly rainbow dash (991)filly rarity (263)filly twilight sparkle (2210)mane six (26460)mom six (76)younger (13842)


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