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Alrighty, I’m just gonna stop doing these little messages because, well, I can’t say "hi" all the time XD. But uh, here’s my Maud x Starlight fankid.

Sylvia Glisten is the only daughter of Starlight Glimmer and Maud Pie. She is a rock climber, and got he cutie mark for winning a rock climbing contest as a filly. Ever since then her life was devoted to rock climbing, and one day she hopes to climb the tallest rock/mountain in Equestria. Other than rock climbing, she likes to read with Tarot Spell. She’s also the only pony Tarot Spell actually likes, considering the fact Starlight was one of the closest ponies to Tarot besides her parents. Sylvia is short for Sylvinite, which is a mixture of the minerals sylvite and halite. Sylvia is a just a nickname, but she prefers to be called Sylvia. Only her relatives call her Sylvinite. Most of the time, Sylvia is calm and collective, but other times she shows no emotion whatsoever. 


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