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safe (1429623)artist:cactuscowboydan (72)oc (525332)oc:heartstrong flare (19)oc:king calm merriment (39)oc:king speedy hooves (133)oc:tommy the human (149)alicorn (163658)earth pony (148370)human (130806)pony (698393)comic:fusing the fusions (177)comic:the bastion of canterlot (36)alicorn oc (17815)argument (653)body horror (897)canterlot (3969)canterlot castle (1264)cape (7645)clothes (355838)comic (89603)commissioner:bigonionbean (479)conductor hat (43)confusion (102)cutie mark (33927)dialogue (50671)fat ass (167)father and son (644)flank (924)fusion (3511)fusion:heartstrong flare (19)fusion:king calm merriment (39)fusion:king speedy hooves (133)goggles (11727)gymnasium (92)hat (64772)human oc (178)magic (57537)male (258108)plot (64953)potion (1436)shocked expression (257)sketch (53251)spread wings (41017)stallion (73021)thicc ass (276)uncle and nephew (44)uniform (7662)wings (53067)wonderbolts (3115)wonderbolts uniform (4906)writer:bigonionbean (298)


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