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"I’ll let you get back to what you were doing, don’t worry sugar bigger. Just pretend I ain’t here! I swear I won’t watch and judge you for takin’ a likenin’ for a little girls show. Oh, Oh and I promise I won’t watch you and your date with a missus Rosey Palms as you look on through. Although, if ya really want me gone— I might be up for some bargainin’. Let’s say, $10? and I might just get of yer back? Don’t worry now honey bunny! There ain’t anything wrong with spendin’ a lil’ money honey. Now, just give me all of your credit card info and I’ll be on my way… maybe."

"oc:derpi dot"

Someone’s going to ponify this aren’t they

So that’s the name of that silly dot floating around the screen ?

Aren’t you hilarious ? Are you having a chuckle ?

safe (1429181)artist:binkyt11 (891)derpibooru exclusive (20318)oc (525161)oc:derpi dot (28)earth pony (148233)pony (697935)derpibooru (6286)april fools 2019 (90)april fools joke (142)chibi (11164)cute (148494)derpeabooru (7)derpi dot (3)error (825)female (759961)glitch (739)green background (1423)lidded eyes (18685)looking at you (120465)mare (335177)meta (15156)open mouth (104207)pixel art (8110)ponified (34260)pure unfiltered evil (1443)simple background (290766)smiling (183168)smirk (9254)smug (4185)solo (875932)speech bubble (16667)sugarcube (143)tiny (801)

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