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Travelling Pony Museum

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Original photo:

Rendered with 9 4K renders @ 256 DoF samples
20 lights used in this scene (1 volumetric)

Sunset Shimmer body
Sunset Shimmer head and tail
Sunset Shimmer hair
Sunset Shimmer wrist and foot wraps by me
Leaning surface
– Window from CS:GO
– Power point from TF2
– Power point wires from Black Mesa
suggestive (108607)artist:imafutureguitarhero (245)sunset shimmer (47904)3d (48163)absurd res (60476)anthro (191308)arm fluff (29)artistic nudity (504)athletic tape (42)bandage (4231)barefoot (20767)black bars (152)breast fluff (9)breasts (190166)casual nudity (4769)chalk (449)chromatic aberration (1201)colored eyebrows (91)feet (28104)female (707890)film grain (154)fluffy (11055)foot wraps (20)freckles (18568)fur (252)hand chalk (1)handstand (228)hand wraps (47)leg fluff (1572)long hair (2536)long mane (2226)mare (309885)multicolored hair (3046)multicolored mane (508)multicolored tail (683)nsfworkout (279)nudity (282069)plantigrade anthro (21062)ribcage (97)shoulder fluff (1096)signature (13998)solo (845358)source filmmaker (28458)unicorn (183821)upside down (4304)wallpaper (16184)window (5548)wrist wraps (8)


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