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i sometimes dream i’m still up there, the moon silencing my screams and tears of anguish but strangely bringing me comfort in the time of solitude and reflection. But all i did was plan for revenge i couldn’t wait to spill the blood of an enemy long since forgiven, but the passion and bloodlust is still there in the back of my mind waiting….watching…. i hear the call of my sister as she beckons me back inside from the cold starry night. She questions why I was out there for so long I’ve could of gotten a cold. I chuckled softly and replied "you may not need to worry about me sister, I was just… thinking to myself." She looks at me with more curiosity than what I’ve hoped for raising her brow she further inquired about what i was thinking. to this i sigh and tell her with fake sleepy voice "I’ll tell you later over breakfast i promise." A little disappointed she didn’t question further but rather said "i’ll hold you up on that." with that she returned to her chambers. Leaving me to do the rest of my duties for the rest of the night.


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