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Equestria at War

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Family time!

Pinkamena Diane Pie is happily married with Cheese Alfred Sandwich and has had the most stable relationship out of the mane six. Pinkie and Cheese didn’t get together for a long time but were basically best friends for a year. After the events of Pinkie Pride, Pinkie and Cheese stayed in touch, often traveling out to see one another to help with parties. In doing this, the two ended up meeting Party Favor who basically saw what was up and tried pushing the two together. He even ended up as Razz’s godfather after the good relationship he shared with the two. To this day he stays a close consort for the couple and he and his family are close friends. Pinkie and Cheese went through a bit of a rough patch with their first child ending up a miscarriage. Pinkie was distraught and Cheese was trying desperately to hold the two together. They ended up making it though with the massive amount of support from the Mane Six, Party Favor and even from Princess Cadence who went through a similar situation with Shinning. The experience ended up bringing the two much closer together and gained Pinkie a close friend in Princess Cadence.
   When they had Razz, their whole lives changed. The amount of happiness the little baby brought the two was almost too much. They ended up having Lemon soon after and raised the kids with as much love as they could. Out of the mane six, Pinkie and Cheese ended up with the most stable kids but they each had their own flaws. Due to the caring nature of the family, Razz has a savior complex and feels the need to protect others at his own expense. For a long while he went through a phase wherein he never spoke his mind and only helped others, which led to him not taking care of himself. He lost weight, was tired all the time and ended up collapsing one day after promising too much with too little energy. He was taken to the hospital and Pinkie and Cheese had never felt worse. They felt as though they’d let their son down. However, Razz took some therapy and slowly came to realize that he did need to care for himself as much as he did others. Pinkie and Cheese supported him as much as they could and after a few heartfelt talks, they were able to slowly help rebuild their son.
    Lemon had her own vat of issues. Her biggest was her shyness and maturity over the other ponies her age. She’s quite an old soul and growing up she was always out-casted as she didn’t understand why the fillies would be so childish. It wasn’t out of pride, she simply understood the bigger picture, a trait that got her bullied for a long time. Pinkie and Cheese finally found out, Cheese was furious that the school did nothing sooner, they allowed for Lemon to try out something new. Pinkie’s aunt in Neigh Orleans was a traveling Gypsy merchant and had taught Pinkie a lot of what she knew about self confidence. With some gentle prodding, Lemon was sent over for a month to try and learn from Aunty Sheppard’s Pie. The trip proved to be an excellent decision, at first Lemon was quiet and didn’t like being so far from her family, however Sheppard wouldn’t allow for the small Pegasus to sit around. She kept her working and made her stand up for herself. By the end of their time together, Lemon decided to stay a bit longer and ended up finding her special talent in sowing. She returned home to an excited family and was able to finally stand up for herself. Now the battle wasn’t over, far from it, but from then on she had her aunt, who she stayed pen pals with, and her family to help her though it.

Yaaaay the happiest family of the mane six I really feel Pinkie would be an excellent mother and cheese a fantastic father. Sure they’d have their down moments but they make a really strong couple. The kids turn out pretty good especially compared to some but they still have their own demons to battle. Razz in particular is going to have a lot coming for him later on in the story..

Quick notes:
– In Equestria, last names are a weird thing. It’s not customary to take one shared name but a lot of larger families like to keep the name going like the Rich’s or the Apples. Also, it is almost always the female name that gets passed as Equestria is a matriarchy.
– Rhubarb is a wee tot at this point and isn’t really integral to the main story line
– Cheese never dated anypony else while Pinkie was a bit more flirty having multiple relationships.
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