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Artist’s description from DA:
Chrysalis strode forward with determination. The sentries hadn’t even notified her of their guest, she just knew. And there in the great hall he stood. A great dark beast towering over the rest of the hives memebers. He was magnificent. 

"The lost son hath returned" Smiled Chrysalis as she flew down from the balcony formation to greet him face to face.

"Mommy has been worried sick" laughter echoed in her hollow voice.

The young draconequus face was stone cold, void of any emotions all he did was glare at her as she spoke to him. Almost like he was sizing her up. 
He then looked around, glancing over the rest of the changelings. A large chunk of the hive had gathered in the chamber, Parasite and Maggot included. Yet it was far from the numbers they had been in their glory days, before Thorax betrayal. 
Angel’s face scrunched up in a dissaproving frown as he uttered his first words. 

"Is this it?" 

Chrysalis found herself taken slightly aback. She hadn’t expected such a response. 
Maggot and Parasite who was stationed amongst the shadows behind her seemed to think the same thing as she did as Parasite spoke up.

"Do not underestimate us boy" her words were sharp and threatening

Chrysalis spun her head around, eyes flaring in a toxic green. 

"Speak out of line one more time-"

Parasite frowned yet backed of. Knowing better then to anger her queen.

"As I was going to say, welcome home" Chrysalis spoke with authority.


Angel’s first arrival at the hive was kinda awkward. Chrysalis was really the only one happy to see him as she imagined her plans falling into place.
Poor Chrysalis had no idea what to expect.

I feel like i’ve neglected poor Angel for a while in order to get some character development done on my other characters, but I feel like I can advance the story a bit now so he’s going to get a much more prominent role now.  

Also Angel looks kinda shaggy and weird cuz of the fact that he’s been living in the wilds for like ever by now xD
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