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suggestive (116394)artist:evilfrenzy (448)princess celestia (84984)oc (539832)oc:cruithne (38)oc:frenzy (139)anthro (205737)unguligrade anthro (38208)... (1921)age regression (1221)alcohol (5310)anthro oc (25872)baby (7831)big breasts (58582)bra (12624)breasts (211338)busty princess celestia (7994)clothes (365970)comic (92237)diaper (11004)drunk (4094)eyeshadow (10913)flower pattern underwear (209)foal (12680)frilly underwear (3842)green lipstick (59)holiday (12150)juice (1024)juice box (827)lipstick (8357)makeup (14664)offspring (29479)panties (42440)parent:oc:frenzy (38)parent:princess luna (1703)parents:canon x oc (1573)purple underwear (1789)run! (5)saint patrick's day (259)sweat (20468)sweatdrop (1971)underwear (50789)


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8 comments posted
Draco-knight-Blaze's avatar
Duck - User has been known to often resemble a waterfowl

rubber Ball
Oh yes absolutely perfect Celestia milk tastes Heavenly you lucky little one you😍😋😋😋😋

Please please please let there be a continuation I really want to see what happens next and fingers crossed that the little one over there to taste of some princess Lee Divine milk straight from the tap 😍😍😋😋