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Yep. Wanted to draw a fatty Gilda for a while, and what better day to do it than on Pie Day. Why, you ask? Well, because a certain bad*** griffin wanted to fatten up and squish poor Pink-Ponk into a pie (because cartoon physics). Why why? Well… you be the judge! With that in mind, ENJOY THIS SMOOSHIN’!

Hopefully, it’s still 3.14 when this is uploaded…!
suggestive (112861)artist:rupertbluefox (85)gilda (8519)pinkie pie (188688)griffon (21304)pony (694298)belly (20411)belly expansion (275)big belly (5997)chest fluff (25651)chubby cheeks (2501)derp (5934)fat (17594)fattening (20)female (757918)gildough (155)growth (4030)hose (1162)impossibly large belly (7601)mare (334022)pinned down (134)prone (20423)pudgy gilda (1)revenge (662)silly (6431)silly pony (2647)squished (145)squishy (1793)syrup (210)tank (container) (22)weight gain (3111)


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