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TIMELAPSE of the Creation of the Model:  
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It’s been a while since I made a new character model, hasn’t it? Well, a lot of that has to do with the wings, but I’ll talk more about that in a future submission.
Anywho, I linked to a Timelapse video at the top of this description. The timelapse goes over the whole process of the Rainbow Dash model conversion regarding the mane and tail. I’m pretty happy with how the timelapse turned out, and I’m also pretty happy with how Rainbow Dash’s mane and tail turned out too.
I’ll be posting more Renders soon, showing off the wings a bit more. While I figured out a lot of the technical hurdles when it comes to rigging the wings, I still want to improve how they look, cosmetically. So, feel free to critique the wing’s appearance, especially in the renders I’ll be posting soon after this one. I’m happy with how the wing rig turned out, but I want more outside perspective on how they look cosmetically.
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safe2171430 artist:therealdjthed147 rainbow dash279500 pegasus495225 pony1599518 g42026035 3d122380 3d model2254 blender14633 blender cycles3147 cute265372 cycles render818 dashabetes12222 female1799395 high res407623 mare738856 model:djthed127 patreon15293 patreon logo9686 solo1423681


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The Applecord man
Big excitement to see a new rig from you ! Always loved your models so seeing a new one is super cool, I will take my freedom of expression to barf some input at you, feel free to ignore it, just thought I might have some useful thoughts ~
  1. seems like there is a slight color glitch in the mane ? the shorter green part, were it splits ? looks like there is a stray spot of blue, could be just me tho pfpt
  2. about the tail, It’s honestly great how fantastic the hair mesh works for a spikey mane like dash !(tho it also makes it easier for color mapping and texture to not line up and look like her hair is oddly striped rip)  
    On that note, I gotta nitpick on the colormapping of the tail.  
    Now props for not making the colors awkwardly appear at the top but instead originaate from the dock (unlike the canon vectors which are a lil wack) but on the bottom of the tail the mapping of the yellow/green/blue is a bit off imho.  
    Personally I would try to slim the red section down and shift the other colors over a bit, but at least take the little blue tip off the green point (it kinda reads a bit awkwardly) while theoretically the whole spike shouldn’t have any green at all if you go by the shows vector and the direction of the hair.
    Now with all that being said, the rainbow rig is gorgeous as is for sure, !
    Then about the wings (or as much as we can see of them so far)  
    I can definitely see why rigging them is a huge pain and long endeavour, especially since you walk a thin line between show accuracy and 3d aesthetic.  
    It’s really hard to point out issues with the wing rig since I don’t know how you really want them to look ? my best advice would be to look into proper bird anatomy (tho I’m sure you’ve done that already) Mostly because the proper folding of coverts would probably help with making the wings stick out a bit less awkwardly ?  
    I definitely think the secondaries have an odd visual when folded and should be further up(paralel to the folding of the primaries)
    Uff now that’s a big ol ramble and I dunno if it’s understandable what I mean at all but maybe you find some helpful input !
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I really adore these things. You have way more patience and talent than I, sir.