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When the day is said and done, the time comes for the King and Queen to lay their foal to rest. Galaxia retrieves a book from the shelf and proceeds to read a few pages as her husband nuzzles his colt with his muzzle. Tommy of course happily returns the loving gesture, wrapping his small arms around his father’s muzzle. The herd is altogether as the candle lights the room dimly, father and mother and son together.

This piece had been made by the amazing CactusCowboyDan: www.deviantart.com/cactuscowbo…
safe (1427980)artist:cactuscowboydan (72)oc (524638)oc:king speedy hooves (133)oc:queen galaxia (146)oc:tommy the human (149)alicorn (163267)human (130671)pony (695433)alicorn oc (17787)bedroom (6578)bedsheets (512)bedtime story (243)blanket (4038)book (27044)candle (3560)commissioner:bigonionbean (478)curtains (1282)cutie mark (33874)family (3482)father and son (646)female (759078)fusion (3509)fusion:king speedy hooves (133)fusion:queen galaxia (114)herd (98)hug (22610)human oc (178)husband and wife (838)love (3762)magic (57449)male (257673)mother and father (47)mother and son (2115)muzzle (351)pillow (12775)pony sized pony (111)royal family (58)tired (2442)unshorn fetlocks (18606)


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