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While exploring the basement of Mayor Mare’s office, our ponies come across a vial of the ancient and mysterious "Fusion" potion. What will happen to them?

This comic commission is illustrated by the lovely Xjenn9 in collaboration between us, so give her lots of love!!

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safe (1303425)artist:bigonionbean (178)oc (467615)oc:tommy the human (75)comic:administrative unity (26)comic:fusing the fusions (89)alicorn (139043)alicorn oc (14829)bed (27424)breathing mask (4)canterlot (3265)canterlot castle (783)chair (4158)clothes (316268)comic (80267)concerned (456)couch (5215)dialogue (43247)dream (1828)drowsy (8)family (2820)father and son (516)female (647860)fusion (2884)fusion:king speedy hooves (74)fusion:princess mythic majestic (14)fusion:princess sincere scholar (12)fusion:queen galaxia (71)hooves (12422)hospital (1165)hospital bed (172)human (119308)human oc (105)kissing (18113)magic (50446)male (219133)medical pony (20)mother and son (1820)muzzle (313)night (17202)nurses (1)nuzzles (33)nuzzling (3041)pegasus (153727)plasma (48)pony (578492)random ponies (4)royal guard (5765)scared (6744)seizure (35)sleeping (17420)tired (2114)towel (2571)unicorn (162013)vision (41)worried (2236)


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