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Personality in detail: Cygna is a really bright head with a keen perception and a rich knowledge. She loves to discuss ideas and theories just as much as joining in the next chit-chat. As a student of Princess Fluttershy she usually lives in the castle, but her true home are the libraries of Canterlot and the campus of the Magic School.

The messy divorce of her parents has left a deep impact on Cygna: She’s very picky on her relationships, has a crass sense of humor and the vainity of a peacock. And even though she gives alot about other ponies’ opinions, she prefers to follow her own way without concerning herself with others.
But despite her rather shallow qualities, Cygna is deeply passionate about the arts – from philosophy and religion to poetry and weaving techniques, and there’s a soft spot in here who remains deeply affectionate for people even long after they’re gone.

Occupation: personal student of the Princess, scholar-in-training
Hobbies and interests: ancient philosophy, tapestry and carpet fabrication
Likes: discussions, libraries, emotional poetry, compliments, her pet spider Ragno
Dislikes: infidelity, family issues, physical work


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