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Body pillow design for my prissy sissy pony. He is forced to put on this girly maid dress as he feels extremely humiliated wearing the outfit~ ❤
safe (1375351)artist:cappie (61)oc (500382)oc:cappie (57)oc only (352194)blushing (147031)body pillow (2736)body pillow design (1699)clothes (337971)crossdressing (7160)dress (33272)forced feminization (28)maid (4489)maid headdress (206)male (240335)pony (648655)satin (20)shiny (1647)shoes (22036)silk (62)simple background (276893)sissy (538)skirt (29910)socks (46710)solo (845829)stallion (66960)stockings (24289)thigh highs (21889)transparent background (145207)unicorn (184090)uniform (7121)

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