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safe1676561 artist:keeerooooo166 doodle bug80 gallop j. fry247 garden grove170 guy grove59 lily longsocks391 little red163 sandalwood1075 sci-twi23718 sunset shimmer61753 super funk208 twilight sparkle296704 display of affection154 equestria girls196219 equestria girls series32132 street magic with trixie238 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)13728 background human6263 clothes448922 female1336617 flanksy35 glasses60216 glowing hands300 hand on hip5848 hat84412 helping129 jacket12147 leather1073 leather jacket3173 male362794 one eye closed29477 ponytail17332 scene interpretation8408 shirt24091 skirt38836 smiling240430


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