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Back when she was a young filly just barely old enough to be steady on her own two hooves, the Apple family held the first reunion since Sundance had been born. She had never seen so many ponies in one place, she and Wolf were astonished that all these ponies were related to them and there were so many new foals to play with and things to try. It was later in the afternoon after an extensive meet and greet and some too intense games for such young foals that an open space was cleared and music began to play. Her father and mother approached the young pair of siblings, a newly born Carolina being passed around throughout the apples and they were asked to dance.

    Big Mac was patient in teaching Sundance the steps, and she picked them up much quicker than her older brother and when the second chorus came around she was dancing circles around her father. It was during a particularly difficult step that gasps of surprise and joy rose from the other members of the family. Sundance’s flank was glowing and when the light settled a brand new cutie mark was settled on her side, even before Wolf had obtained his own cutie mark, Sundance had found something she would love for the rest of her life. Big Mac and Fluttershy were so happy for the little filly!
safe (1431156)artist:misskanabelle (38)big macintosh (25250)oc (526116)oc:sundance (54)earth pony (148815)pony (699774)alternate design (1623)ascot (221)coat markings (526)colored hooves (3245)dancing (6865)father and daughter (1885)female (761769)filly (50641)freckles (20565)holding hooves (1195)male (258574)missing accessory (6725)offspring (28812)parent:big macintosh (2130)parent:fluttershy (3383)parents:fluttermac (848)signature (14910)stallion (73175)unshorn fetlocks (18645)


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