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A group photo with other plushies.
safe (1428292)artist:nekokevin (787)princess luna (87964)rainbow dash (203777)rarity (157527)starlight glimmer (37983)sunset shimmer (50624)trixie (56021)twilight sparkle (260287)oc (524770)oc:golden gates (246)oc:quillpen (7)alicorn (163343)earth pony (148012)pegasus (187812)pony (697370)unicorn (202990)series:nekokevin's glimmy (308)4de (315)bedroom eyes (44346)clothes (355410)cute (148348)female (759335)group (2423)group photo (622)hoof shoes (2815)irl (59530)jewelry (38988)looking at you (120357)mare (334812)open mouth (104090)peytral (1642)photo (66429)plushie (19708)raised hoof (32048)regalia (12269)sitting (46054)smiling (183020)socks (49093)spread wings (40942)starlight's little twibird (43)striped socks (16610)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (101968)wings (52893)


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