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My build a bear collection update
safe1705093 artist:ponylover88128 applejack169769 cheerilee9978 fluttershy212515 pinkie pie216094 princess cadance32441 princess celestia94962 princess luna99080 rainbow dash233790 rarity181720 songbird serenade1217 starlight glimmer48617 sunset shimmer62955 tempest shadow16783 trixie67442 twilight sparkle300179 alicorn224216 earth pony248254 pegasus291252 pony966346 unicorn322711 my little pony: the movie19029 blanket5306 build-a-bear608 cardboard twilight334 clothes459135 dress44473 female1361839 gala dress4567 heart48329 irl70077 line-up1043 looking back57359 mane six31885 mare479916 photo79517 plushie23966 rainbow4522 spread wings54651 stock vector1061 towel3679 wings107144


not provided yet


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I miss the show so much
OP, your continued near-complete refusal to tag your uploads astounds me. Image after image, you just… ignore character tags. This image had zero character tags. Zero. I didn't tag some ponies because I'm not sure who they are.

Derpi's tag editor weirds me out sometimes. I do not know how or why it decided to remove two other tags while I added a bunch of character tags.