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Kirins can give some very sloppy mouth-hugs.
Not much to say here I guess…some things could be better, but it's alright.

Anyway, enjoy! :)

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explicit343314 artist:htpot290 artist:shinodage1115 cinder glow745 summer flare745 kirin8264 sounds of silence3325 animated97144 balls74111 balls deep1577 blowjob31093 clopfic in the comments991 deepthroat5208 drool24229 drool string5496 faceless male4015 female1336800 gif30108 horsecock66739 male362806 medial ring5259 mottled genitals1793 nudity361613 offscreen character33092 oral47686 penis149816 precum10319 sex118339 straight133472 throat bulge3549


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I had to convince myself I could still write clopficsinthecomments:

_Yak Hoofteau’s Expedition Log Day 4 —
I continue to be amazed by this hidden, eccentric village. I had intended for this trek to be a welcome respite from my time surveying the depths of the hippogriff’s seapony empire. Though exceedingly kind and playful, I believe that those seapony’s had thought that I was actually a yak when they invited me to visit. When they discovered that I was not from Yakyakistan… no, I was just a Prench stallion with a punny name… another earth pony, albeit a somewhat famous explorer, come to invade their homeland for posterity. It was not long before I was quickly treated as another tourist to their newly uncovered domain.

Who would have thought that my time-off from measuring coral-homes and photographing bubble-art for a trek through the jungle would have led to the greatest discovery in modern hipppological history: the confirmation that the mythical Kirin are real, and right under our very noses!

Certainly, I am burning with questions and excited to learn more of this lost and wondrous culture… are they truly part pony, part dragon? Who have they survived in isolation for so long? Just how did their manes grow into such fascinating patterns, akin to the lions of Zebrica?

You could imagine my frustration then, when I discovered that not a single one speaks a word!

All day long, silent, bored faces stare back at me. Leaving only the sound of the nearby waterfall and river to drown out the chittering birds of the nearby jungle. And it’s not just because I’m around… I’ve carefully observed them when they’ve thought I was no longer present, and they do extraordinarily little to communicate amongst themselves either. Most of their interaction involves blankly staring at one another, with half lidded eyes and grim, taut faces.

I thought I had deciphered a form of blink language, watching a pair of young-adults in the marketplace at what appeared to be a banana vendor’s stall. I had almost despaired that perhaps the whole race was slow… or had been cursed in some other way. But here was commerce, interaction! The stallion blinks three times in succession, putting the banana on the stall counter. The mare blinks twice, touching the yellow fruit… perhaps a counter offer? The mare puts her forehooves up on the counter her tail raised in tension — a sign of disagreement? Now the male comes around the stand, about to seal the deal with a hoofshake, surely! I was sure I’d cracked the code.

…Then the male mounted her._

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Background Pony #3B43
This reminds me of an extremely polished version of Super Deep Throat. Excellent work btw.